Download Printable Calendar to Make Your Own Calendar Easily

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Download Printable Calendar to Make Your Own Calendar EasilyWondering how to make a calendar yourself? It is very simple—grabs a printable calendar and you will only need to customize it here and there. You don’t even have to make the table since you only need to do a little adjustment to make the calendar looks outstanding.

Printable 2023 Calendar
Printable 2023 Calendar

Several Types of Printable Calendar for Your Own Project

What’s best from calendar templates is that they come with various kinds and styles. Some of those styles are mentioned as follows:

  • Yearly calendar

All in one page, goodbye thick calendars! This type of calendar is perfect for those who don’t like to tear the daily or monthly calendar paper. Yearly calendar means you have the complete 12 months all in the same page.

Thus, it is not weird if you may need to read it closely. It can be so small for some people, so consider printing it on a huge paper—like A3 or A2.

  • Monthly calendar

One month per page, well—there is nothing to complain about. You can print the monthly printable calendar on literally any size of paper, be it A3 or A4 or even as small as A6. Since per page contains only one month to show, it is not too small or big to contain it in littler size. So, it can be a perfect answer if you need calendar to slip it in your pencil case, bag, or your daily pouch.

Download 2023 Printable Calendar
Download 2023 Printable Calendar
  • Bi-month calendar

It’s like seeing a room being shared with another roommate: bi-month calendar means you will have two months in one page. It is quite thrifty for a calendar, but without showing too much the thriftiness. The size is still relatively big, which will be great to mount on somewhere in your house.

  • Daily calendar

If you are a disciplined person who will never forget to tear off daily calendar, this choice of printable will be great for you. Big enough to be seen from afar, daily calendar also has this ‘aesthetic’ side that can make it to be included into your DIY list.

However, since there are 365 days a year, you will need to provide 365 sheets to your printer to have this lovely kind of calendar. Sure, you probably won’t do so if you are thinking about the economical side of it.

Printable Calendar 2023
Printable Calendar 2023

So, what can you do with your printable calendar? Typically, as you search for it, you will learn that each calendar has this bland look in it. Therefore, you should consider making it colorful or at least, agreeable to your eyes.

That way, you can customize your calendar—be it from its color, font style, to the lines used in the calendar. You know, calendars are basically set using a table. You can change how the lines are styled.

Add pictures, texts, frames. Do it as you please! You will be able to customize your printable calendar using any apps as well: be it as simple as using word-processor, or as sophisticated as image editor. Whichever app you choose, make sure the template you download is compatible for the app. Otherwise, you won’t be able to benefit from the calendar template.

Guide on How to Create a Budget Calendar

Have you ever heard of budget calendar? As the name implies, it is a calendar that’s used for financial purpose – including payment due dates, paychecks, bill tracking, and many more. Utilizing a calendar specifically to manage your budget will give you helpful information about the amount of money flowing in and out of your resources at any given month. It is a tool that you need to consider adopting if you want to get a better way to handle your spending and finances.

A Guide on Making Functional Budget Calendar

Budget calendar making doesn’t require you to use anything fancy. Any monthly regular calendar is going to work just fine. Simply grab a blank one by buying on your local stationery supply store or print out at home, and then follow the provided steps in this article.

Write down your payday dates

List your pay dates on the calendar. You have to include the dates when you receive income from all sources.

Write down the due dates of each of your monthly bill

Note down on the calendar, which dates that your bill is due. To do this, you may use your bank statements or your accounts. Tracking each date of your bill’s due date constantly will help to raise your chance to reduce impulse spending, especially if the dates are already near.

Sum contributions from your savings

If you are someone who save money in places other than your bank account, then it is a good idea to list the date down on the budget calendar. The days when you transfer the fund manually into your savings can be scheduled as well.

Don’t forget about special events and holidays

As for this step, it might differ from month-to-month – depends on what time of the year it currently is. The examples of special occasions that you should include on the calendar are holidays and birthdays. This will help you to plan in advance, in case you need to put out extra spending, such as purchasing birthday gift for your friend or attending your sister’s wedding.

Having calendar that particularly used to manage budget can be beneficial for anyone. Creating your own calendar is nearly free, easy to do, and will alleviate some of your stress regarding financial management. It is specifically useful for someone who lives paycheck to paycheck – as they have less or equal to $1,000 in their savings. That way, they can overdraw from their savings if something emergency or unexpected occurs.

Defining your monthly budget’s goals, purchases, debts, and income assist you in handling your money and decrease unwanted surprises. The calendar provides you with clear sense of financial spending, reminds you when it comes to bill payment dates, thus help you to avoid fees or credit score drops.

Planning your monthly expenses in advance by using budget calendar is also worth to make a habit for. It lets you create adjustment whenever needed as well. For instance, if you have an upcoming sizable bill payment, you can cut down your spending one week before, to make sure there’s enough amount of money to create minimum payment.